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When was the last time you had sexual intercourse? Was it last night, last week, last month or has it been that long that you’ve forgotten what to do? When you’re in a relationship, there is no excuse not to have regular intimacy together, but when you’re a singleton it can be more difficult to accomplish. This is why you should consider London escorts agencies.

You must have heard that sexual intercourse can provide you with health benefits, but did you know that it can help keep your blood pressure low? This is just another excuse to consult London escort agencies!

So, where did we get this information from? We’re not just making it up for you to hook up with London escort agencies, they’re true facts that we found on a popular health website. Medical Director of Amai Wellness, Josesph J. Pinzone, recently conducted research comparing the relationship between sexual intercourse and blood pressure levels. His study indicated that sexual intercourse can lower your systolic blood pressure (first number on your test). This excludes masturbation. Please don’t rely on intimacy to help lower your blood pressure, a healthy diet and regular exercise should also be included.

It doesn’t sound too bad though does it? We knew there were some health benefits (within reason) from intimacy, but we didn’t know that it can help keep your blood pressure at bay. So if you’re someone who is passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but doesn’t have a partner to share intimate time together, then may we recommend London escort agencies as an option?

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